Monday, March 20, 2017

8th Grade Study Guide and Video

The 8th Grade will have a test over Work, Energy and Simple Machines on Thursday, March 23.  The study guide is due the day of the test for full credit (25 points).

The study guide may be copied and printed from here.

Work, Energy and Simple Machines Test


Study guide is due the day of the test.  

  1. What do Newton’s laws of motion tell you?
  1. What is Newton’s third law?
  1. What is the definition of energy?
  1. What is radiation?
  1. State the law of conservation of energy.
  1. Define what is meant by the word work in science.
  1. What is an inclined plane and what does it do?
  1. Which form of energy is not carried by waves?
  1. What is the relationship between a 2 kilogram and a 4 kilogram block?
  1. What is the difference in mass of an object on Earth and on the moon?
  1. How many newtons of force would it take to keep a sliding 10 kg mass moving on a frictionless surface?
  1. What is a vector quantity?
  1. A player hits a ball with a bat.  The action force is the impact of the bat against the ball.  The reaction force is the
  2. What is another name for a change in velocity?
  1. What is inertia?
  1. Explain the energy conversion in a car that is being slowed using the brakes.
  1. A 1000 kg car and a 2000 kg car are hoisted the same distance on a lift.  The more massive car requires
  1. Which requires more work: lifting a 50 kg sack 2 meters or lifting a 25 kg sack 4 meters?
  1. What is kinetic energy?
  1. If one person pushes to the left with 100N of force and another person pushes the same object to the right at the same time with 150N of force, what is the net force and in which direction?
  1. Describe all three classes of lever.
  1. What does velocity tell you?
  1. How far would a car traveling at a constant speed of 80 mph go in 4 hours?
  1. What is friction?
  1. What class of lever is a pair of scissors?

The video assistance is also available here. (I promise I am not yelling)

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