Wednesday, October 31, 2018

8th Grade the Week of 10/29

8th Grade students are studying Evolution.  We start with fossil formation and then progress into the ideas of Charles Darwin.  Following are notes used so far. The students will work in class to construct a model of a time line for the history of the Earth on Thursday. 

The Week of October 29

7th Grade students are studying Kingdom Protista as well as learning about cell processes.  The students will have a chance to observe protists in the lab next week.  Following is the Prezi used for notes on Protists.

Protist Prezi

Friday, October 26, 2018

8th Grade Videos

I thought I would share the videos used in class recently for the 8th Grade Students that will be studying Evolution.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7th Grade Test Video

7th Grade students will be happy to find the video below.  This should be all you need to ACE this rather difficult test over Bacteria.  Please remember that the study guide is due the day of the test and it is worth 50 points.  A copy of the study guide is provided below as well.

Copy of study guide:

7th Grade Quizlet to help study Science


Monday, October 22, 2018

The Week of October 22 7th Grade

The 7 Grade Students are preparing for a test on Thursday, October 25.  Following is the study guide that the students will receive in class Tuesday.  The video will be available on Wednesday. 

Study Guide Video for 8th Grade TEST on Wednesday

Ok, here it is, the study guide answers with your own personal tutor answering the questions on the study guide!! It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Vocabulary Quizlet for practice.

Following is a Quizlet link that has the vocabulary words for the 8th Grade up to this point.

Qiuzlet Link

The Week of October 22

The 8th Grade students will have a TEST on Wednesday, October 25.  Following is a copy of the Study Guide for the test. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

8th Grade The Week of 10/15

8th Grade students will continue a study of Genetics.  We will be doing a lab to determine the ratio of a heterozygous, monohybrid cross (Mendel's second cross).  The students will also look at the structure of DNA and get a brief introduction to Transcription and Translation of DNA. Following are the notes for Wednesday. 

The students will have a test next week.

The Week of 10/15

The 7th Grade students are studying cell processes We are also studying Bacteria (prokaryotes) in order to understand cell processes.  The students are conducting an investigation to see if bacteria are found on surfaces in our environment.   Following is a copy of the notes used in class.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Prezi for 7th Grade over Bacteria.

The following link will be used in the 7th Grade class. 

Bacteria Prezi

The Birth of Earth

Following is a video that presents modern ideas of the Birth of Earth.  This video was used in the 7th Grade classes and is referenced several times throughout the school year. 

7th Grade TEST

The 7th Grade students will take the last regular test for this school year on Monday, April 29.  The test will be over Weather.  Following ...