Tuesday, May 9, 2017

7th Grade TEST Video

The video to accompany the TEST that will be given on Thursday may be viewed here:

The study guide which is due on Thursday prior to the test may be accessed here:

Chapter 16 Test Review

Review is due the day of the Test.

  1. What is precipitation?
  1. What type of clouds are low, layered gray clouds that produce drizzle?
  1. What are isotherms?
  1. What does it mean to say that the air is saturated?
  1. What are the highest clouds called?
  1. What is high pressure air and what type of weather is associated with it?
  1. High level, white, feathery clouds usually associated with fair weather are ____ clouds.
  1. What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere of the Earth?
  1. What is an air mass?
  1. What happens during an El Nino year?
  1. Where in the world does El Nino start?
  1. What are lines connecting points of equal barometric pressure on a weather map are called?
  1. The boundary formed between an advancing cold air mass and a stationary warm air mass would be called what?
  1. What does a barometer do?
  1. Explain what relative humidity is.
  1. What is the dew point?
  1. An energy losing process that results in water loss is called?
  1. What is used to measure wind speed?
  1. An air mass made of warm, rising air would create an area of what type of pressure?
  1. Which is issued when severe weather conditions exist and immediate action should be taken?
  1. What is conduction?
  1. Which layer of the atmosphere contains the ozone layer?
  1. Which forms during the day along the coast because water heats slower than land?
  1. What process changes water vapor to a liquid?
  1. Energy from the sun reaches the earth through what type of energy transfer?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Week of May 1

The 8th Grade have taken their tests and will be making rockets for the next couple of days.  Launch is scheduled for next week Wednesday and Friday.

The 7th Grade continue to study Weather and Weather patterns.  There will be a vocabulary quiz on Friday!!!

The vocabulary words for the week are as follows.

   Upper air report
   Doppler radar

   Computer model

The words on the vocabulary quiz are:

subduction zone
ozone layer
physical property
carbon cycle
organ system
scientific theory

Please visit Quizlet.com as all of the words and definitions as they are used on the quiz may be found there.

Quizlet for 7th Grade

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Video Test Review for 8th Grade

For the Week of 4/24

For the week, the 7th grade students have been taking MAPs tests so we have remained in a holding pattern.  Thursday we will continue to study what causes weather and weather patterns.  The students did not have any vocabulary words on Tuesday.  The words for Thursday are as follows:

Surface report

The 8th Grade students will start testing on Thursday.  They will also have a regular TEST in Science class on Friday.  The video will be posted soon.  The students have a study guide that will be worked on in class on Wednesday.  The study guide may also be found here:

8th Grade Space Test


This study guide is due April 28th.

  1. What is a spectrometer and what is it used for?

  1. What is a refracting telescope?

  1. What is a radio telescope?

  1. Explain what parallax is.

  1. How are distances within the solar system are measured?

  1. What is an astronomical unit?

  1. How are distances outside of the solar system measured?

  1. Define nuclear fusion

  1. List the planets of our solar system.

  1. Which planet is the hottest?

  1. Which planets are classified as the terrestrial planets?

  1. What is Olympus Mons and where is it located?

  1. Which planet is the largest in the solar system?

  1. Define a meteoroid, a meteor and a meteorite.

  1. What would cause a bright streak of light in the atmosphere?

  1. Which describes a planet’s speed as it orbits the Sun?

  1. What is an asteroid?

  1. What gives Mars its reddish color?

  1. A car traveling at 60 miles per hour would go how far is 2 hours?

  1. Define inertia.

  1. What type of energy is carried by electromagnetic waves?

  1. What two forces keep the planets in orbit around the Sun?

  1. What does velocity tell you?

  1. Define acceleration?

  1. What are Newton’s 3 laws?


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Week of April 3

The 7th Grade will have a test on Friday, April 7 over the Atmosphere.  I will post the video review on Wednesday.

Vocabulary words for the week are as follows:

      Air pressure

     Relative humidity

     Water cycle

The study guide will be given on Wednesday in class.  The study guide is due the day of the test for 25 points.  

The study guide may also be found here:

Atmosphere Test


Answer the following, this is due Friday, 4/7!!

  1. What is radiant energy?

  1. What causes sea and land breezes?

  1. Describe atmospheric pressure as you go higher in the atmosphere.

  1. Why is there is little wind in the doldrums?

  1. What is the atmospheric layer that blends into space?

  1. What is the Coriolis effect?

  1. What are the temperatures in the thermosphere and exosphere?

  1. What is conduction?

  1. What is the troposphere?

  1. What is the air pressure at the equator like?  Why?

  1. Which has higher air pressure, warm or cold air? Why?

  1. Define a land breeze and a sea breeze.

  1. Which atmospheric layer contains the highest concentration of ozone?

  1. What are trade winds?

  1. What feature of the Earth causes different parts to receive less radiant energy from the sun?

  1. What is condensation?

  1. Describe the ionosphere.

  1. What is ozone?

  1. Which gas is the most abundant in the atmosphere?

  1. What percentage of the atmosphere is Oxygen?

  1. What causes the distinct wind patterns on Earth’s surface?

  1. What is Bernoulli’s principle?  How does it relate to flight of airplanes?

  1. What are the layers of the atmosphere in order from closest to Earth’s surface out?

  1. The Magdeburg spheres were held together by what force?

  1. What is the maximum height that water may be drawn up a tube or straw at sea level?

Monday, March 27, 2017

7th Grade, The week of 3/27

7th Grade students will finish a study of the atmosphere this week.  Tuesday we will look at atmospheric pollution.  Thursday will be a chapter review.  The test will be on Wednesday next week.

Vocabulary words for the week are as follows:

     Air pollution
     Acid precipitation

     Photochemical smog
     Particulate matter