Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week of January 14

The 7th Grade students are working to identify different minerals by using clues such as the luster and hardness of a mineral.  The students will take a mineral quiz on Thursday and then move on into Rocks.  Again, the students will use clues to discover how the rocks formed and what the rocks are made up of. 

The 8th Grade students will finish up with Chemical Reactions and will have a TEST on January 15 over types of chemical reactions, reactions rates and chemical formulas.  Following are the notes for class on Monday, January 14.

Notes for 1/14

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


The 7th Grade students will start with a quick study of Minerals and Rocks and then move on to Physical Science. 

A change this quarter is that if the students would like to improve a test score they have TWO options.  If the student writes out the question missed along with the correct answer, they will receive a score of 80 for the test.  If the student wishes to improve their grade further, the student needs to write the questions and answers and then come in after school and re-take the test.  The best score a student may receive is a 90.  The student must present the re-write and make arrangements to come in after school.  No other time is available for a re-take.

The 8th Grade students will do a short (2 week) course in Chemistry to finish up what was started first semester.  The students will be looking at the types of chemical reactions and balancing equations.  The notes will be available soon.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Here is the study guide and the video that contain everything you need to know to pass the next TEST on Mr. Kaus' class.  Here is the link to the STUDY GUIDE which should open in Google Docs. 

The video is also here for your learning ease. 

Remember, this will be the first grade that shows up on the Spring semester so please make it a good one!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Study Guide for the 8th Grade TEST on December 18

Following is a copy of the study guide for the 8th Grade Test over Chemistry (Matter) Hopefully this works.  If not, somebody please let me know!!!

Here is the vide to help you with the study guide.  Please take the time to study for this test, it will be the first grade on Quarter 3!!

The Week of December 10

The 7th Grade Students will finish up the study of Matter.  We will be looking at the difference between chemical and physical changes in matter.  The 7th Grade will have a TEST on Wednesday, December 19.  There will not be any re-write for this test as it is the last test of the quarter/semester. 

Following are the notes for Tuesday, December 11:

The 8th Grade Students are also finishing up with a study of Chemistry.  There will be a TEST on Tuesday, December 18.  Again, there will not be any opportunity to re-take this test

Study Guide Answers (Video)