Monday, December 4, 2017

Video to help with 7th Grade Test

The Week of December 4

The 8th Grade students will continue to study Matter and Chemistry.  Following is a lab the students were working on to determine if adding salt to water lowered the freezing point.

The Week of December 4

The 7th Grade Students will have a TEST on Wednesday.  The study guide is available here and may be down loaded and printed if need be.  I will have the video up later this week.

The 7th Grade will begin a study of Matter which will include Chemistry and Physical Science.

Following is a copy of the study guide.

Mitosis and the Cell Cycle Test
This study guide is due the day of the test.
  1. How many chromosomes will each daughter cell have following mitosis?
  1. Most of the life of a cell is spent in which phase of the cell cycle

  2. A group of cells working together forms what?
  1. In which phase of the cell cycle are the chromosomes copied?
  1. What happens during anaphase of mitosis?
  1. List the phases of the cell cycle in the correct order.
  1. Write out the formula for photosynthesis.
  1. What is fermentation?
  1. Your skin represents what level of cellular organization?
  1. What is the end result of glycolysis and aerobic respiration?
  1. What is osmosis?
  1. What is endocytosis?
  1. What is the result of fermentation in animal cells?
  1. Where in a cell is glucose broken down? (glycolysis)
  1. What is anaerobic respiration? What is aerobic respiration?
  1. What are prokaryotes?
  1. What are protozoans and how are they classified?
  1. Growth of multicellular organisms is a result of what?
  1. What is the cell membrane of cells made up of?
  1. What is a hypothesis?
  1. What are stem cells?
  1. What happens during metaphase?
  1. List the phases of mitosis.
  1. What are proteins made of?
  1. What do cells use for energy?

Friday, November 17, 2017

Study Guide and Video for 8th Grade Test on Monday, November 20

Here is the Study Video that will help you prepare for the test over Evolution on Monday.  Please remember to turn in the study guide prior to the test to receive full credit!!

The Study Guide may be downloaded Here if need be:

Evolution Test Review

Test study guide is due the day of the test.

  1. What was Jean Baptiste de Lamarck’s hypothesis?
  2. What is the Theory of Natural Selection?
  3. Why is variation important within a population?
  4. Most fossils are found in what type of rock?
  5. What is a vestigial structure?
  6. Define evolution.
  7. Define a theory.
  8. What is punctuated equilibrium?
  9. What is a homologous structure?
  10. The type of cell division that results in two new cells with the same exact DNA is?
  11. Cells with half the number of chromosomes are called?
  12. Who is the “father” of modern genetics?
  13. What is an adaptation?
  14. The actual age in years of a fossil is referred to as?
  15. What is embryology?
  16. What are the 5 developmental characteristics all vertebrates share?
  17. The trait that if present is expressed, is called the ______ trait.
  18. What is genetics?
  19. What is a species?
  20. Define heredity.
  21. What are fossils?
  22. Explain what the ideas of punctuated equilibrium and gradualism are.
  23. What is the principal of superposition?
  24. What is meant by half-life of a radioactive isotope?
  25. What is an isotope? Give an example.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

8th Grade the Week of November 13

The 8th Grade students will finish a study of Evolution with a TEST planned for Monday, November 20.  Following is a copy of the notes used in class Tuesday.  Also a link to a video used in class is available here: Bozeman Science

8th Grade Daily Lesson

Name:____________________________ Block/Class_______________ Date: 11/14/17

Vocabulary Words

Homologous structures

Analogous structures

Vestigial strucures

Main Points:
Evidence for Evolution

Comparative anatomy

Homologous structures

Analogous structures

Vestigial Structures

Developmental Biology


Molecular Biology

Comparing Sequences


The Study of Evolution Today

How New Species Form


Punctuated Equilibrium


Summary: You need to have 3 complete sentences about what you have learned. (10pt)

7th Grade The Week of November 13

7th Grade students are working on cell processes and mitosis.  Following are the notes used in class. 

7th Grade Vocabulary and Notes

Name:____________________________ Block/Class_______________ Date: 11/13

Vocabulary Words

Cellular Respiration


Main Points:
Cellular Respiration

Reactions in the Cytoplasm

Cellular Respiration

Reactions in the Mitochondria


Types of Fermentation




Reactions in Chloroplasts

Importance of Photosynthesis

Summary: 3 complete sentences that summarize what you got out of class today.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017