Friday, December 14, 2018


Here is the study guide and the video that contain everything you need to know to pass the next TEST on Mr. Kaus' class.  Here is the link to the STUDY GUIDE which should open in Google Docs. 

The video is also here for your learning ease. 

Remember, this will be the first grade that shows up on the Spring semester so please make it a good one!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Study Guide for the 8th Grade TEST on December 18

Following is a copy of the study guide for the 8th Grade Test over Chemistry (Matter) Hopefully this works.  If not, somebody please let me know!!!

Here is the vide to help you with the study guide.  Please take the time to study for this test, it will be the first grade on Quarter 3!!

The Week of December 10

The 7th Grade Students will finish up the study of Matter.  We will be looking at the difference between chemical and physical changes in matter.  The 7th Grade will have a TEST on Wednesday, December 19.  There will not be any re-write for this test as it is the last test of the quarter/semester. 

Following are the notes for Tuesday, December 11:

The 8th Grade Students are also finishing up with a study of Chemistry.  There will be a TEST on Tuesday, December 18.  Again, there will not be any opportunity to re-take this test

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Week of December 2 7th Grade

My most humble apologies for not keeping up with this blog.  The 7th Grade students are studying Matter and all the little wonders that go with matter.  The students will start with the basics, atoms and molecules.  We will then move on to the physical and chemical properties of matter.  Following are the notes that accompany this week.

We will do a lab then on Friday. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Week of November 26

The 8th Grade students will start a study of Matter, starting with States of Matter, How Matter Changes States and the Gas Laws. Following is a video from Bozeman Science used in class.

The 7th Grade students start off with a test on Tuesday.  The students will then also start a study of Matter.  Following is a link to the notes for 11/29


Thursday, November 15, 2018

7th Grade TEST!!!

After a great deal of reflection and a little soul searching, I have made the decision to have the test over Protists and Cell Processes after the Thanks Giving break!!! To be sure, the TEST will be after THANKSGIVING, on Tuesday, November 27th.  The study guide will be due at that time and is worth 50 points. 

Here is the long anticipated and shortly over due video that has the test questions and the answers provided for your educational benefit...enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

7th Grade

The 7th Grade Students will have a TEST on Tuesday, November 20.  The students that miss the test will need to take it on Tuesday, November 27.  Following is the study guide for the test.  The video will follow shortly.

Friday, November 9, 2018

8th Grade Test on Thursday. November 15!!

The 8th Grade Students will have a TEST over Evolution on Thursday, November 15.  Following is a video that was used in class.

Following is the study guide and a video that supplies the answers to the study guide.  Hope this helps!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Week of 11/5

The 8th Grade Students will continue to study evolution.  Following is a copy of the notes for Monday and Wednesday.

Following is a video used in class on Wednesday.

The 7th Grade Students will continue to study Cells.  The students are learning about Protists and the cell processes that Protists must do to survive as a single celled organism.  The students are currently looking at cell division (Mitosis). Following are the notes for class on Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

8th Grade the Week of 10/29

8th Grade students are studying Evolution.  We start with fossil formation and then progress into the ideas of Charles Darwin.  Following are notes used so far. The students will work in class to construct a model of a time line for the history of the Earth on Thursday. 

The Week of October 29

7th Grade students are studying Kingdom Protista as well as learning about cell processes.  The students will have a chance to observe protists in the lab next week.  Following is the Prezi used for notes on Protists.

Protist Prezi

Friday, October 26, 2018

8th Grade Videos

I thought I would share the videos used in class recently for the 8th Grade Students that will be studying Evolution.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

7th Grade Test Video

7th Grade students will be happy to find the video below.  This should be all you need to ACE this rather difficult test over Bacteria.  Please remember that the study guide is due the day of the test and it is worth 50 points.  A copy of the study guide is provided below as well.

Copy of study guide:

7th Grade Quizlet to help study Science


Monday, October 22, 2018

The Week of October 22 7th Grade

The 7 Grade Students are preparing for a test on Thursday, October 25.  Following is the study guide that the students will receive in class Tuesday.  The video will be available on Wednesday. 

Study Guide Video for 8th Grade TEST on Wednesday

Ok, here it is, the study guide answers with your own personal tutor answering the questions on the study guide!! It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Vocabulary Quizlet for practice.

Following is a Quizlet link that has the vocabulary words for the 8th Grade up to this point.

Qiuzlet Link

The Week of October 22

The 8th Grade students will have a TEST on Wednesday, October 25.  Following is a copy of the Study Guide for the test. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

8th Grade The Week of 10/15

8th Grade students will continue a study of Genetics.  We will be doing a lab to determine the ratio of a heterozygous, monohybrid cross (Mendel's second cross).  The students will also look at the structure of DNA and get a brief introduction to Transcription and Translation of DNA. Following are the notes for Wednesday. 

The students will have a test next week.

The Week of 10/15

The 7th Grade students are studying cell processes We are also studying Bacteria (prokaryotes) in order to understand cell processes.  The students are conducting an investigation to see if bacteria are found on surfaces in our environment.   Following is a copy of the notes used in class.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Prezi for 7th Grade over Bacteria.

The following link will be used in the 7th Grade class. 

Bacteria Prezi

The Birth of Earth

Following is a video that presents modern ideas of the Birth of Earth.  This video was used in the 7th Grade classes and is referenced several times throughout the school year. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

8th Grade Test

It's ok 8th Grade, I did not forget you.  Here is the video I promised to help you study for the Science Test that you will have on Friday, September 28.

7th Grade Cells Test Video

Here it is, the wonderful video that I promised would be available for the 7th Grade Students to prepare for the Test that will be on Monday, October 1

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Week of 9/24

The 7th Grade Students will do a lab, looking at plant and animal cells.  There will be a TEST on Monday, October 1.  The test review will be posted on this blog on Friday.  I will also provide a video to help study for the test. 

The Week of 9/24 . 8th Grade TEST!!

The 8th Grade Students will have a TEST on Friday, September 28.  Following is a copy of the study guide that will be provided on Wednesday.  I do not know why the formatting is not compatible with this blog.  The program used to compose the study guide is Libre Office and is supposed to be compatible with Word. Hopefully when downloaded the formating will work.

Meiosis Mitosis Test Review


This study Guide is do on Friday, September 28

  1. How many chromosomes does each new cell contain after Mitosis if the original cell had 12 chromosomes.
  1. How many chromosomes does each new cell have after Meiosis if the original cell had 24 chromosomes?
  1. During which phase of Meiosis is the number of chromosomes cut in half?
  1. In sexual reproduction, a new organism is produced when what happens?
  1. How many chromosomes are in a gamete?
  1. How many divisions of the nucleus does Meiosis consist of?
  1. At the end of Meiosis, how many cells have been produced from one cell.
  1. What are proteins are made of ?
  1. What is interphase of a cell?
  1. How many pairs of homologous chromosomes does a human have?
  1. Human gametes have how many chromosomes?
  1. How many chromosomes does each human gamete have?
  1. In what type of reproduction does a new organism grow from the body of the parent?
  1. During which phase of the cell cycle do the chromosomes get copied?
  1. What are the phases of the cell cycle?
  1. Which organisms have prokaryotic cells?
  1. The cells that make up the body of most organisms are called somatic cells. How many chromosomes do somatic cells have?
  1. If a diploid tomato cell has 12 chromosomes, how many chromosomes would the tomatoes gametes (sex cells) have?
  1. During Mitosis , when do chromatids separate?
  1. What does the mitochondria do?
  1. What is the result of respiration in the mitochondria?
  2. What is glycolysis and where does it take place?
  3. What is the cell membrane made up of?
  4. What do ribosomes do?
  1. What are prokaryotes and eukaryotes? What is the difference?

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

8th Grade

Here is a video that I used during class that explains how and why Meiosis.

Monday, September 17, 2018

8th Grade for the week of Sept 16

The 8th Grade students will continue to study cells.  The class will look at the production of gametes (meiosis) on Tuesday and then review the process on Thursday.  Following is a copy of the notes for the class on Tuesday.

8th Grade Daily Lesson

Name:____________________________ Block/Class_______________ Date: 09/18/18

Vocabulary Words
1. Sexual Reproduction

2. Fertilization

3. Zygote

Main Points:
What is Sexual Reproduction





Diploid Cells



Homologous Chromosomes



Phases of Meiosis I

Prophase 1

Metaphase 1

Anaphase 1

Telophase 1

Phases of Meiosis 2

Prophase 2

Metaphase 2

Anaphase 2

Telophase 2

Summary: You need to have 3 complete sentences that summarize what you learned not what you did. (10pt)

The Week of September 16 7th Grade

The 7th Grade students will start a study of Cells and Cell processes.  Monday we will discuss the discovery of cells and macromolecules that make up cells.  Wednesday we will look at cell organelles.  Friday will be a review of the cell organelles.  Following is a copy of the notes used in this class.

7th Grade Vocabulary and Notes

Name:____________________________ Block/Class_______________ Date: 9/17

Vocabulary Words
1. Cell Theory

2. Macromolecules

Main Points:
Understanding Cells

Zacharias and Hans Janssen

Robert Hooke

Anton Van Leeuwenhoek

Matthias Schleiden

Theodore Schwann

Rudolf Virchow

Understanding Cells

Cell Theory




Basic Cell Substances

Main ingredient-water


Nucleic Acids



Summary: 3 Complete sentences about what you learned in class today (10pts)

7th Grade TEST

The 7th Grade students will take the last regular test for this school year on Monday, April 29.  The test will be over Weather.  Following ...